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Standard of Practice Indicators
Perfusion Solution, Inc. utilizes the American Society of Cardiovascular Perfusion Best Practice Guidelines. Eighteen  Standard of Practice Indicators are monitored for all procedures and clinicals are expected to meet or exceed goals set by our profession and the affiliated hospitals.
Continuous Quality Control Indicators
Perfusion Solution, Inc. has a continuous quality control program to improve our overall performance. We can tailor the clinicians CQI program to meet your hospitals specific needs or utilize our general template to improve outcomes in all STS Database and SKIP data indicators.
Study Data Collection
Perfusion Solution, Inc. is actively involved in several multicenter and individual center medical studies. We can incorporate any internal studies you wish to perform into our data management system.
Safety Systems Management
Perfusion Solution, Inc. utilizes Sorin Group Cardiopulmonary Systems to enhance performance and safety. These systems include integrated alarm and safety features and tractable clinicians usage to ensure the patient safety.

Other Safety Systems Management features:
Bubble Detection
Level Detection
Microair Alarms
Electronic Remote Controlled Tubing Clamps (ERC)
Oxygen Saturation Alarms Retrograde Flow Dectection
Cardioplegia Alarms
High and Low Temperature Detection

Electronic Medical Record
Perfusion Solution, Inc. is a leader in Electronic Medical Record management. Our independent data management system is compatible with all heart lung machines. We offer device integration that will link with your current EMR as well as the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) Database for better information sharing and improved quality control.
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